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Health and your environment they are related.


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My Husband was literally getting sick whenever I mopped our floors. I didn't know that the stuff I was buying at Jewel, target, walmart and other local grocery stores were poisoning my baby and husband (not to mention pets).

What was even more shocking is that I was using baby shampoo with QT (Quaternium-15) which is a formaldehyde producing chemical! If you have children check your shampoo's you'll be in for a sad surprise. And I am sure you will make a necessary adaption ----go from nasty chemicals to environmentally sound, great working products that are safe for your children and others that you love.

Check out this website that taught me about what we don't know can hurt us and our families too.


These are great links that teach about health and your environment.



The link below talks about toxins in our home environment:



The link below talks about one line of our products:They eliminate many harmful toxins in your environment



If you would like to know more email me and request more info at one of the following sites:






This is what I am about -- finding the truth and sharing it. Please share with me too!


"Mazimize your Health and Build Your Wealth"

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