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Difference between Human Incarnation and soul


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Difference between Human Incarnation and soul


A king told “I am the king ruling this country”. A scientist with certain scientific equipments started to analyze the king. He found only three items in the king. The external gross body, the internal subtle body and the ultimate innermost causal body (self) are the three items. Now he started analyzing the source of the word ‘I’ in his statement. With all his logical analysis he found that the word ‘I’ means the causal body in the king. Therefore he derived the conclusion that the causal body is always the king. With the same equipment and analysis he found that the same three bodies exist in him also. Since the causal body is the king, the causal body in himself must also be the king.


Therefore, he wanted to rule the country like the king and for which he was arrested and put in the jail by the king. What is the point that slipped here in the analysis? The only item that slipped here is the invisible kingship, which is different from the causal body. Therefore, the causal body as the source of the ‘I’ is only referred as king because that causal body alone is charged by the invisible kingship. Similarly, the advaitin analyzed his preacher Adi Shankara. He found the same three bodies in himself also as in the case of his preacher. Adi Shankara told “I am Brahman”. The student thought that the causal body (the source of ‘I’) in himself is also Brahman.


Here the unimaginable Brahman exists in the causal body (self) of Shankara and the word ’I’ indicates the unimaginable Brahman in the self but not the self alone. When you say the live wire as current, the word current indicates the current existing in the live wire but not mere wire. If you understand that current indicates mere wire, you will call the mere wire without current also as current. The invisible kingship (and the unimaginable God) and the invisible current are misunderstood as visible causal body and the visible wire respectively. You must differentiate the live wire from the mere wire atleast by knowing the property of current like shock. You must call the live wire alone as current because it gives shock. You should not call the mere wire as current because it does not give shock. Similarly Brahman is supposed to rule the Sun (Bishodeti Suryah… Veda). Krishna and Adi Shankara can control the sun who swallowed the forest-fire and the molten lead respectively. Thus both are the live wires. The advaita philosopher is just dead by the summer stroke and should be treated as mere wire.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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