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The cosmos is with infinite unimaginable limits


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The cosmos is with infinite unimaginable limits


The exhibition of endless cosmos by the Lord to Arjuna ( a devotee) shows only one point that the cosmos is with infinite unimaginable limits. If this is the only point, everybody is receiving the same point by looking into the sky with the unclothed eyes or a telescope. In any case the final conclusion is that the world is with infinite unimaginable limits. Then what is the use of the same vision given by the Lord to Arjuna, which anyone can get by looking into the sky? The essence of the cosmic vision is also stated by the Lord as one point that is this cosmos is endless (Nantosti…. Gita). Arjuna also draws the same conclusion (Nanto nachadih…. Gita).


The specialty is not in the vision because any body can very easily obtain the same vision by simply looking into the sky. The knowledge behind this vision is important without which the simple cosmic vision is useless. The knowledge in this cosmic vision is that the existence of permanently unimaginable item is exhibited by the unimaginable limits of the infinite cosmos to everyone. One need not recognize the existence of unimaginable nature by searching the human incarnation and its miracles. The unimaginable nature is an indication of the unimaginable God. Hence, the proof for the unimaginable God is exhibited to everyone through this infinite cosmos. This is the essence of the knowledge of Viswarupam.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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