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Any item of the world can be analyzed by science thoroughly-Statue do not contain God


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Any item of the world can be analyzed by science thoroughly-Statue do not contain God


Science is the absolute master as far as the world within its limits is concerned. Any item of the world can be analyzed by science thoroughly and the report of science is final. This is a great advantage to protect the correct spiritual knowledge from exploitations. Ignorant and selfish scholars exploit by misleading us in making us believe that certain worldly items are God directly. Awareness (Soul) is such best exploitation. Here comes science to rescue us from such twists and exploitations. The priests exploit us by saying that a statue is God or contains God. The analysis by science clears such exploitation. At least in the case of the soul, God may enter some soul (human incarnation) to preach the knowledge. But such necessity does not exist in the case of a statue and hence God never enters any statue.


The only purpose of statue is to keep it as a representative model of God. The Advaita Scholars exploit themselves only to enjoy the sweet dream. The priests exploit others to enjoy the sweets offered by others! Of course, the soul can be treated as the greatest item among the imaginable items of the creation and hence the soul can be called as Brahman because the root meaning of the word Brahman is that which is greatest. The word Brahman is Yaugika, which means that it can be applied to any item if the root meaning is applicable (Yoga Rudha means the word fixed to a particular item only when its root meaning is applicable to many including that particular item). The word Brahman is also applied to mean the scripture Veda that is greatest among all the scriptures (since Veda is protected by recitation from generation to generation without any deletions or introductions) as said in Gita (Brahmakshara Samudbhavam).


The word Brahman is applied to God also since He is greater than every thing in the universe and hence the greatest. You can meditate upon yourself separating from the body and get temporary relief from stress, which is like the first aid to injury. Like this the word Brahman is not Yoga Rudha and is not fixed in God only. The ignorance of this concept misleads you to think that the soul is God when it is said that the soul is Brahman (Ayamaatmaa Brahma…Veda). This means that a particular soul like Krishna, Adi Shankara etc., is God if you take the word Brahman to mean God. If you take the word Brahman to mean a greatest item in any category, this means that the soul is greatest in the universe. This may also be giving the metaphor for soul and God.


You can keep the statue to represent God as a model (Pratika) in the beginning. Veda says that you can worship the inert globe of Sun as representative model for God but immediately says that Sun is not God, Sun fears for God and God is not in inert object (Adityam Brahmeti…., Nedam tat…., Bhishodeti….,Natasya Pratima…). The tradition of Advaita and the tradition of worship of inert objects as models for God are good as long as they are limited to their specified levels and should not be over extended for exploitation of self and other selves.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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