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The link between God and World is unimaginable; Ego of scientists


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The link between God and World is unimaginable; Ego of scientists

God is unimaginable. The link between the soul and world with God is also unimaginable because a link between two imaginable items only becomes imaginable.


The actions of God are also unimaginable since the actions of imaginable items are only imaginable. The only imaginable region is about all the items of the world and relationships between those items and the dead boundary of this world (imaginable region) is space. In this imaginable region there may be some temporary unimaginable regions, which are not analyzed today but one day or other those regions will be analyzed by the science. The unimaginable region for an ignorant person may be simultaneously imaginable to a scholar like the technology of an electronic instrument. Of course, even today, there are certain unimaginable regions even for scholars in the deeper planes of the science of world. Such planes will be known to scholars (Scientists) after some time by the grace of God, because such planes are within the limits of the space. The scientist is misled at this precise point.


Some time back, he did not know certain deeper planes of the world. Now he succeeded in analyzing those unknown planes. Due to this, scientist becomes blind with ego. Based on this success, he feels that he will analyze the final truth of the unimaginable limits of infinite space (world) in future on some day. This is not correct. The reason for this is that the planes which were not known to him and which are now known to him are within the limits of space only. Still, there are more deeper planes which are not known as on today. In the case of these planes, I assure the success for the scientist because these planes are also within the limits of space. But he should know that on any day he cannot cross the dead limits of space and God is beyond such space.


Since God is the generator of space (Atmana Akashah..Veda), we can touch the edge of God only in the unimaginable limits of the space. We can say that once we have touched the limits of space we have touched God.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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