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British State Arctic Ice 50% as thick as 1960

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A British submarine just back from a cruise under the North Pole measured the ice. "They said there is now evidence that the polar ice cap could disappear in as little as 13 years if global warming continues at its current pace."


....things are happening more quickly than we had expected," said British Antarctic Survey Director

Chris Rapley.


Now remember, the area of the ice cap is shrinking at an accelerated rate, 27,000 sq. miles a year and

and it's on the rise. That means that there is way less than 50% of the ice that was there in 1960.


At some point all of this melt water is expected to shut down the thermalhaline ocean circulation, and you know what happens then.?


Maybe you don't want to know.



Ice cap getting thinner, 4/10/07



Arctic Region As Global Warming Barometer, 1/25/07


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