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Hip-Hop Joins Forces with Native American Rights Fund


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Culture Shock Camp, comprised of Marcus "Quese IMC" Frejo and Brian "DJ Shock B" Frejo, is a Pawnee/Seminole hip-hop group originating out of Oklahoma City. Culture Shock's sound and vibe is defined by its unique and powerful blend of hip-hop and Native music, language, and culture that promotes a message of wellness, unity and Native pride. Culture Shock was named "one of the most celebrated hip-hop groups in the Native American world" by The Source Magazine, one of the largest-selling hip-hop magazines in the country.


Culture Shock Camp has successfully toured nationally and performed before thousands of fans in more than 400 cities and reservations. Culture Shock also conducts youth leadership and wellness training for Native American youth using both hip hop and Pawnee/Seminole cultural teachings as the basis of their message of empowerment for Native youth.


In March 2006, the First Americans in the Arts Honored Quese IMC and Culture Shock Camp for "Outstanding Musical Achievement" for the "Betty Lena Project." Quese's album was also nominated in the best Rap/Hip Hop Category by the 2006 Indian Summer Music Festival Awards.


Culture Shock Camp is currently serving as promotional spokespeople for the Native American Rights Fund. Culture Shock's brand of conscious, cultural, and positive hip hop is very much symbolic of what is happening with today's generations of Native Americans. Their music is a bridge between two worlds and two cultures that seeks to also bridge generations around a positive message regarding Native history, culture, and contemporary realities of Native peoples.


Culture Shock Camp is proud to promote NARF's mission to defend tribal sovereignty and the rights of Indian peoples. Aside from being featured in a NARF's national film, print, TV, and radio Public Service Ad campaign Culture Shock Camp will also be releasing a CD to benefit NARF as well as promote NARF at performances and special events nationwide over the coming year.


Visit http://www.moderndaywarrior.org to view the NARF "The Indian Wars Never Ended" Public Service Ad Campaign...to be seen worldwide online, radio, TV & print media everywhere. Join NARF & become a Modern Day Warrior for Native Rights.

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