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Redskins trade may fall through


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From what I hear (and hope) Dan Snyder and agent Drew Rosenhaus may have talked their way out of any deal with the Bears for Linebacker Lance Briggs. The Bears are not happy the possible trade got leaked to the media and now think they are being pressured into a deal. Plus Chicago doesn't want to pay the guaranteed money a 6th overall pick would demand. Cheap bastards!


I actually think this is a good thing. The Redskins don't need another linebacker; they need someone that can effectively get to the quarterback. We had no sacks or push from the front four. We had to blitz with our safety and that exposed our corners and they (Carlos Rogers) got schooled and blah, blah, blah...we sucked last year. We need work on our defense line and another cornerback not a linebacker that will demand a deal in the 'Ray Lewis' range.


Besides, didn't Gregg Williams hand pick Landon Fletcher to run the defense. We have him, Marcus Washington, Rocky MacIntosh (last years 2nd round pick), and Lamar Marshall. These guys should be able to hold the defense down from the linebacker position.


Lance Briggs doesn't even play the same defense as Gregg Williams. Didn't the Redskins learn from signing Jeremiah Trotter. He sucked on the Redskins and then went back to Philly (his old system) and is now a Pro Bowler.

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