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As stated in a previous blog thread that there was a covert but strong fear on Capitol Hill that giving DC a vote in Congress would strengthen the hands of Homosexuals (DC Vote) and begin to usher in same sex marriage and more was not just our word for it, an unfound fear on Capitol Hill but The Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance has linked gay rights but specifically the right for same sex marriage to DC achieving a vote in Congress as a start when Richard J. Rosendall of the GLAA wrote on 3-15-2007 as published in the Metro Weekly Newspaper the follow:



When will it be time to push a marriage bill in D.C.?


GLAA's legislative maven, Bob Summersgill, suggests prerequisites like these:


The Davis-Norton bill granting D.C. a full vote in the House.


This will still leave us unrepresented in the Senate, but will give us far more leverage than we have now.


Passage of budget autonomy, so that D.C.'s locally-funded budget is not subject to undemocratic congressional amendments.


Passage of legislative autonomy, so that D.C.'s locally-passed laws are not subject to routine congressional review before taking effect.


Once several states (say six) have adopted same-sex marriage, Congress's meddling impulse might be tempered if D.C. follows (rather than leads) the trend.


The point is not to wait until there is no risk, but until we have a fighting chance. If you are outraged at the second-class status of gay families, please work with GLAA, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and allies like D.C. Vote to win the next battles. Instead of looking for shortcuts or fighting one another, let's press ahead smartly together.




The point we are making is, members of Congress that fear that the GLBT people of DC are behind the push for a congressional vote as a means of achiving all desired rights for GLBT people in DC is not just an unwarranted fear but is supported by things put in writing by the leaders of the various GLBT organizations in DC like GLAA and the HRC.


Unless you are totally blind, DC Vote started by Joe Sternlieb and DC Appleseed started by his wife Linda Singer are fingers on the hands of the GLBT community, their rank and file are overwhelming GLB and T.


As long as there are far too many on Capitol Hill who believe voting rights in the District is a GAY THING this will be a major roadblock and maybe non-GLBT people need to ask the GLBT community to back out of the fight and let non-GLBT people carry the football because the GLBT presence behind the scenes for a vote in Congress is so strong it scares Congress although they will never come out and say it.

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