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Ward 3 Council Member Mary M. Cheh who claims to be a liberal, progressive and caring Democrat hit the ground running on January 2, 2007, to move to enrich big business but not the middle class nor the poor of DC.


Cheh besides taking a $500 bribe from Merck & Company to mandate that all teenage girls of a set age range be required to be inoculated with Gardasil which will effectively put $27,000,000.00 in the pockets of Merck, Merck will be greatly appreciative of that next time Cheh runs for re-election. ( If your daughter(s) should get sick or suffer side effects from Gardasil, you should immediate sue Mary Cheh (in her individual capacity), DC Government and Merck because Cheh does not have 11th Amendment Immunity from suit. )


Cheh’s next goal is to put $100,000,000.00 in the pocket of local developers like PN Hoffman Company who graciously gave her a dirt cheap campaign office in the highest commercial rent district in the District of Columbia, and she plans on doing this by voting in favor of a mayoral take over of our schools which will result in schools being closed and condos being built on those lands, contracts to developers to re-build and more. Next time round, PN Hoffman Company will be so grateful they might just give Cheh free office space for her 2010 campaign headquarters.


The foregoing are just two things Cheh is doing to enrich the rich all the more, but so far, her liberal, progressive and caring philosophy hasn’t done nor is their any plan(s) on her table to do a thing for anyone who is not already rich.


Cheh's support in ward 3 came from voters who are just as greedy, evil and phony as she is, and also just as racist!


Between Cheh, Fenty and others, DC is in trouble.

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