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Address to DC City Council Chair Vincent Gray

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03/19/07 (4:11pm)

Mr. Gray,


Allow the attached to help you see that I am a man of action. What is holding my cousin back from being active and having the development of tutorial services for DC Youth being one of the top issues that you are working on right now for the benefit of the upcoming school year.

C'mon now cousin. I am sure you're not scared of the kid. Don't be scared of Congress. All we are suffering right now is a failure to communicate. You are the Chair of the DC City Council and I don't hear you speak up so all of us can hear of your sincere intentions in this direction and effectively dealing with this simple issue !!

Check out Karl Rudder's new means of communicating with DC residents and anyone else who might be interested - its called DCpages.com.



A political quicky from Mr. Vincent Gray, Chair of the DC City Council 03/19/07 6:22pm


Thank you Mr. Rudder for sharing this. We are working on Education Reform as you know and it is consuming a huge portion of our time.


A political quicky like this effort from Vincent Gray, Chair of the DC City Council in my scale of values completely fails to effectively address an issue. Please contact Cantania, Cheh, Brown and Graham to ask them on their views and efforts to address and improve the quality of education being provided to DC residents and I am sure we might end up with the material for a new book entitled, "Political Quickies!!"

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