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The Farce of the DC City Council

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To be talking about there always have been American citizens who had always been denied any control of their own tax revenue would appear to pretty silly. As a native Washingtonian I cannot wait to see how after the centuries of growth that this country has experienced that somehow there has yet to be a sincere effort at ending the tens of billions of dollars of tax revenue that has been wasted only for the operation of the Senate and House DC Appropriations Committees.

Lets be serious about this issue and let all American citizens receive at least one good series of NEWS SPECIALS that will allow us to see and hear from politicians from Michigan or Idaho explain what efforts they are reliably exerting in relating to and addressing the needs of their constituents as well as to the residents of the capital city of The United States of America.

In order for DC residents to get the best out of their politicians we have to hope whoever is on the Senate or House DC Appropriations Committee votes our way when they decide how much money they will "appropriate" for DC residents.

Where are the members of the DC City Council? I don't hear any of them saying a thing to Congress and all I hear Delegate Norton addressing is her gaining an ability to attract corporate interests with her finally being allowed to have a vote.

Game Time with this issue is over!

The Constitution has received several amendments since it was initially composed you know.

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