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Where in Washington, DC can you find its biggest bigots and liars?


Right... In the area known as Ward 3.


While the people of Ward 3 will try to fool you into believing that they are socially progressive, caring and politically correct type of people, they cannot escape the truth.


The truth about most, not all Ward 3 residents is, they are not really caring, not progressive, they are the driving force behind oppression of African Americans and Latinos in DC, they are often involved in some of the most dirty business dealings and if the truth be told, they are so arrogant about their bigotry and feelings of superiority that several times not wanting to be a part of the rest of our city, have talked openly about breaking off from DC and becoming a part of Montgomery County, Maryland.


Yet, there is no greater proof of how bigoted the people of Ward 3 are than their having elected as their representative on the city council a arrogant, racial bigot like themselves in the person of Mary M. Cheh and a mayor who is just as bigoted. Mary Cheh and her kind will fuel racial tensions in DC as she already has and has been attacked over her biases. Just be an African American male walking along the roadside of Porter Street in McLean Gardens at 1:00 AM in the morning on your way home from a job you just did and watch how fast a MPD patrol car is slowly following behind you until you jump on the H4 or 30 bus.

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