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In a recent scathing attack on Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh by Activist and former DC School Board Member Valencia Mohammed over her arrogance and racist mind-set, Ms. Mohammed touched upon a very crucial point.


See this video taped confrontation … http://Use Full URL address/2sz5nc


That point is, only 4% of the children attending DC Public Schools are white.


Yet, the drive to take over of our schools is coming strongest from white people in DC.


A careful analysis of who these white people are, shows that most of them have something to gain economically by a take over because they either work for a developer, supplier to a developer, provide others services to a developer or have investments with developers.


Thus, it was developers that created this “School Crisis” and managed to make it the central theme of our past elections.


The truth is, there is no school crisis, no school emergency, and no need for a mayoral take over.


What there is, is an urgency by local and out of town developers to make more money and not to get shut out of possible tax payer dollars when maybe some major lands become vacant.


Developers in DC erected a political action committee named Friends of Joe Sternlieb the brainchild of interim DC Attorney General Linda Jill Singer and they sought out local political candidates they thought would create this “School Crisis” for them, make it the major theme of the 2006 Elections and run with it all the way down the line.


Developers found a friend in Mayor Adrian Fenty and Councilwoman Mary Cheh who got the biggest amount of contributions from developers and employees of developers but their actions are all a fraud and designed to enrich developers.


Councilwoman Carol Schwartz in a column she wrote for the Washington Post on 1/27/2007 exposes this fraud by Mayor Adrian Fenty when she wrote:


Better School Reform


What to Try Before A Mayoral Takeover


By Carol Schwartz


Saturday, January 27, 2007; A19


I appreciate Mayor Adrian Fenty's willingness to take a central role in improving public education in the District of Columbia and certainly share his desire to make our schools not just better but great. When Mayor Anthony Williams proposed taking control of the schools two years ago, I also believed he meant well.Interestingly, Adrian Fenty, then a member of the D.C. Council, opposed that takeover, as did I. He has changed his mind. I have not.


What has changed? Simple, Mayor Adrian Fenty and Councilwoman Mary Cheh had tons of money and favors dangled before their eyes by developers and all their allies.


Gary Imhoff of DC Watch has time after time pointed out there is no real crisis and that our school problems have been with us for almost 30 years and all we have heard with each passing administration is how they will fix it.


Also Gary Imhoff, like Valencia Mohammed have seen how arrogant and nasty Councilwoman Mary Cheh really is and I am sure people are already realizing who is buttering her bread and that she may have been a big mistake and not a good act to follow Kathy Patterson.


It is time that the voters of DC come to see that their election was robbed from them by developers whom tricked the voters into buying a lie.

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