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The Inequity of the DC Taxicab Zone System

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My experience as a DC taxicab driver allowed me to know that the unique DC Taxicab Zone system resulted in it being most profitable for a cab driver to remain concentrated in serving the downtown and NW area of the city. I am talking about the supply and demand elements of this issue.

A taxicab driver anywhere will only be able to make some money by being able to stay busy. They can best stay busy in DC by remaining in the downtown area of the city where there is a majority of the demand for taxicab service. As a result, requests for many rides into the far SE and NE area of the city will not be preferred due to the economics of the matter.

The UnSolved Mystery to this issue is just why have The Equal Rights Center and many other organizations spent millions of dollars on "studies" of this issue that only insist that , "The discriminative taxicab service in DC has been racist against servicing Afro-American residents."


For more information click on the text link below.


Karl Rudder's History Lesson on the DC Taxicab Zone System

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