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Upcoming Public Works Committee Hearing on DC Taxicab Commission

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I will appear before the DC City Council Public Works Committe in early April 2007 to challenge the expensive costs and the professional objectives of the DC Taxicab Commission. Since it was created in 1987 the DC Taxicab Commission(DCTC) has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars to operate. My questions will be:

1) Does the DCTC have available copy of any report on how much tax revenue that they've ever collected from DC Taxicab Companies and drivers while "regulating" the DC Taxicab Industry?

2) What has the DC Taxicab Commission done with those hundreds of millions of dollars that have been appropriated by Congress for the DCTC since Congress created the DCTC in 1987?

It is insulting to DC residents, taxicab drivers, and tourists that the DC Taxicab Commission haven't ever challenged the Congressional corruption that has caused the District of Columbia to be the only major city in this world that does not equitably compute local taxicab fares as well as reliably record and tax the income of the DC Taxicab industry.


The current unique zone system allows the exploitation of labor of the rental drivers. That fact was significant enough to deny the use of the zone system when it was first proposed in 1931. (Guess who was driving DC taxicabs in a very overtly racist society in this country in 1931- sorry only 1 guess)

The zone system was denied due to it being found to exploit the labor of "white" taxicab drivers in 1931 and yet it remains in operation in 2007 when the majority of those renting a DC taxicab are our African brothers and sisters.

Is it an innocent coincidence that there's hasn't been one local or national politician or any "reporter" from the media to ever have responsibly researched and "reported" or "addressed" the facts of this issue?


If you would like to read more about this issue please click on the link below.


Karl Rudder's History Lesson on DC Taxicabs


Thanks for your time.

Edited by Karl Rudder
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