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Karl Rudder

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The vast resources of the Washington DC Community have yet to be productively coordinated and better employed for the benefit of improving the quality of education that is provided to DC youth and adults. The many thousands of college students in DC majoring in education, psychology, mathmatics, engineering, any science if not music deserve an opportunity to receive training in providing tutorial services well before they receive their undergraduate and graduate degrees.


The DC Public Schools can prove to be a proud national model for these United States by better coordinating the vast resource of the thousands of proud graduates of Spingarn, Western, McKinley, Roosevelt, and Dunbar Senior High Schools to join force with the graduates of Duke Ellington, HD Woodson and several other Senior High Schools. The challenge for the DC community is to better coordinate the resources of the many proud graduates of the DC Public Schools and have them join force with the tens of thousands of college students, churches and many organizations in the DC community and begin to get together and serve as an army of resources that will employ ourselves to help our little brothers and sisters for the upcoming Sept. 2007 - June 2008 school year.


All armed forces must receive boot camp training to learn how to function as one unit with one goal. There is merely a need to be able to be providing productive Tutorial Workshops and thus allow parents and interested adults to develop their skills and ability to work together before we all can set out to achieve quality education in our community.

The objective is to provide a very practical means of expanding the learning experience for many youth far beyond merely the hours between 9am -3pm. The various obstacles to a community in being able to provide quality education for the youth and adults of today will be very impressively removed by the strength of the vast resources of that community.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate !"


Please contact me at your earliest convenience and allow me to cooperate with your efforts in providing tutorial services for DC youth as well as building the tutorial skills for DC parents. 202-249-8083


"My Time is up and I thank you for yours." - Dr. Purvis J. Williams, Principal, Joel Elias Spingarn High School

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