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Plame Leak Source Richard Armitage Needs to be Indicted

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I wish the media would focus on Richard Armitage. Lewis Libby needs a cell mate. I want to understand Armitage's passing sensitive information to Karl Rove. I want to understand why Richard Armitage is not being convicted of a crime. While it emerged Libby did indeed speak to several journalists about Plame, it was Richard Armitage - then the Deputy Secretary of State - who was Novak's primary source.


In an exclusive interview with CBS News national security correspondent David Martin, Richard Armitage, once the No. 2 diplomat at the State Department, couldn't be any blunter.


"Oh I feel terrible. Every day, I think I let down the president. I let down the Secretary of State. I let down my department, my family and I also let down Mr. and Mrs. Wilson," he says.


When asked if he feels he owes the Wilsons an apology, he says, "I think I've just done it."


Robert Novak, the columnist whose July 14, 2003 article outed Valerie Plame Wilson as a CIA operative, has a new pro-Scooter Libby column.


Among his disclosures:


Actually, in my first interview with Fitzgerald after he was named special prosecutor, he indicated that he knew Armitage was my leaker. I assumed that was the product of detective work by the FBI. In fact, Armitage had turned himself in to the Justice Department three months before Fitzgerald entered the case, without notifying the White House or releasing me from my requirement of confidentiality

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Guest Fed Up
There is a rumor that longtime McCain pal, Richard L. Armitage, might be appointed a cabinet position if the Senator gets elected.


Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage is now an adviser to John McCain. How can he allow an admitted traitor to be part of his candidacy ?

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