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Eye of God Helix Nebula

Soldier of God

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This is a picture taken by NASA with the Hubble telescope. According to the Hubbel Telescope site, this particular picture if of the Helix Nebula, which is about 650 light years from earth. It is said to be the nearest planetary nebulae to earth. A planetary nebula is gas around what used to be a star much like our sun. The photograph is not just from the Hubble telescope, but is a composite of data from the Hubble telescope and from Kitt Peak in Tucson, Arizona. They are referring to it as the "Eye of God".


The External God (YHWH, El, Allah, etc.) seems to me to be an aspect of Universal God that is very much present, and very prominent in world history. The Helix Nebula existence gives evidence of our creator's incredible wisdom and power. As does the marvelous design of our real human eyes!


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