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April 12 - 15 special guest Colin Quinn visits the DC Improv

The DC Improv

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In 1959, Colin Quinn was born to a couple of Irish teachers in Brooklyn. He grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He started appearing such clubs as "Caroline's" and "The Comic Strip". In 1987 he was on MTV's Remote Control, which ran until 1991. He was a regular on the 1988 comedy show, 2 Hip 4 TV, and also had a cameo in an episode of the Comedy Central show Pulp Comics. He had small roles in the movies Three Men and a Baby, Married to the Mob, Crocodile Dundee 2, Who's The Man?, and the SNL spin-off movie A Night At The Roxbury as "Dooley".


In 1992, he hosted the series Caroline's Comedy Hour. In 1994, Colin appeared in a one-man production, Sanctifying Grace, which ran off-Broadway and was based upon Colin's neighborhood in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and the people he grew up around. In 1998, after a rewrite with pal Lou DiMaggio, the show resurfaced on Broadway as Colin Quinn: An Irish Wake. Colin has also written several screenplays, one of which became the 1996 movie Celtic Pride, which starred Dan Aykroyd and Daniel Stern. In September 1995, he was hired by NBC's Saturday Night Live as a writer.


In early 1996, Colin became a featured player on the show, and in September 1997, he became a full-fledged cast member. A strange twist of fate came in January 1998, when he replaced his pal Norm MacDonald as anchor of "Weekend Update" on SNL. Colin also starred in a movie that he co-wrote and acts in St. Anthony's Bones.


DC Improv

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