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A few readers of [TheMail] have written and asked me why do I feel that Mayor Fenty will be a failure and his administration will go down on record as being worse than that of Mayor Pratt-Kelly.


First off, I do not believe that Adrian Fenty is in real terms the mayor of the District of Columbia but Dan Tangherlini is, and I say that because it seems that 90% of the people Fenty has nominated have been close friends to Tangherlini or people Tangherlini has recommended to Fenty whereby none of these people claim to have any past dealings or friendship with Fenty. Thus, if Fenty was his own man, the he would have picked people of his own choosing and sought the advice of others to the wisdom of such choices. Also, we would not have seen so many unqualified people being nominated which is usually the result of cronyism not political professionalism but the person in control.


Second, Fenty is a puppet for the developers in DC and beyond who heavily funded his campaign as well as those of some of our council members. Thus, if Fenty was his own man, then he would not at this time be doing a lot that will directly and indirect benefit developers as his talk of taking over our schools to make them better is a fraud and people will see that in time and guise of something ungodly.


Third, since Fenty is a Puppet controlled by developers and Tangherlini, this explains why his entire campaign was riddled with a lot of one line quips void any substance. Thus, if Fenty was his own man, he would have been able to tell us what he wants to do like Mayor Williams did and have laid out a plan to get each concept or goal achieved for voters to consider. Alas, Fenty did no such thing throughout his campaign.


Finally, the Fenty Administration is going to fail because Fenty is not in control but just a puppet for others and those people do not care about Washington, DC just raping it of what they can get as most of them live outside of DC.


Unless voters are blind, then it should start dawning on them that Mayor Fenty is not the mayor nor in control of his administration and those who are, will put their own interests before that of the people of DC and not care one iota if DC goes into the hands of another control board or down the toilet.

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