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3/7 - 3/11 Comedian Pablo Francisco returns to The DC Improv!

The DC Improv

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3/7 - 3/11 Comedian Pablo Francisco returns to The DC Improv!Pablo Francisco returns to The DC Improv Comedy Club 3/7 - 3/11.

Be sure to get your tickets soon, some shows have already sold out for Pablo.


A Funny thing happens to audiences when they see Pablo Francisco live for the first time. In a matter of minutes, crowds go from the quiet response that often greets a relative unknown, to jolts of boisterous laughter and applause. What accounts for the transformation? Namely the 20-something Tucson native's ability to create vividly funny living pictures using strikingly authentic off-the-wall sound effects and loads of his own ample imagination. Pablo's send-up of grimly narrated action-movie previews, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a tortilla vendor targeted by the mob, is one good example. Another is his hilarious spoofing of those intensely melodramatic Spanish language soap operas on the Telemundo Cable Network.


From humble beginnings, big things have started to happen. In addition to his Comedy Central Presents half-hour special, Showtime s Full Frontal Comedy, Pablo was a Mad TV cast member (season 2). Pablo also has one of the top-selling comedy DVD s in the nation "Bits and Pieces." You can check Pablo out on Dish Network s SiTV, where he hosts Latino Laugh Festival: The Show. Pablo, now an L.A. resident, is busy distinguishing himself in top clubs around the country, among veteran comics who threw away the script years ago.



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