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We're a bunch of easy going, low maintenance, social mommies! We're from all walks of life, definitely interesting, fun, and sometimes have just a little "mama drama" going on in our lives!


We are the "anti-stepford wives" and if you're looking for a new group of mommy girlfriends, who say what they want, and don't always want to censor themselves - then check us out! We have thoughts, views, ideas, and personalities all of our very own! (In just 4 short weeks we have over 200 local members)!


This free yahoo group is for all moms who simply want to get out of the house with or without their children, and have something to look forward to! We want to experience life, not have it pass us by!


Some of us are new to the area, some have friends who no longer relate to us now that we're parents, and some of the moms just want a change of scenery!


Kid centered activities include - home based playgroups, story times (library, Barnes & Noble etc.,) outdoor play parks, Zoo's, aquariums, indoor "open play" centers like Playwise Kids, Fun fit, My gym, Craft time, tot activities, kid performances and more!


Moms night outs include: Having a really good margarita or glass of wine,

dancing, Coffee & Chat at Starbucks, watching a good movie, bowling, live performances, comedy clubs, museums or art galleries, weekends away, house parties or pot lucks, dining out, book club, theatre trips & more!


In addition to group planned events, feel free to use the calendar and host your own "hip" mommy and me, playgroup, moms night out, or family activity! Feel free to give ideas on how to improve the group, tips on parenting, or just simply share your challenges, experiences, and hilarious stories about trying to be a “hip mama”.


If you are looking for something "different" look no further! If you're tired of rules & mind numbing chatter, hang on by the seat of your pants, and enjoy the ride! We welcome you to Hip Mommies of DC, MD and VA!


Join our free yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DCHipMommies

Free resources at: http://hipmommiesdc.blogspot.com

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