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Although she finally did a prison term for her folly, Leona Hemsley once said: “Only the little people pay taxes” and she was right to a great extent.


A careful examination of both our Federal and District of Columbia tax codes show that in order to lower your tax liability to as near zero as possible, you have to have a sizeable enough income to do what it takes to escape taxes offered up through pages of loopholes.


In DC, the rich who earn more than $150k a year pay less proportionately that those only earning $45k.


If we would look at the IRS and DC Income Tax Returns of Mayor Fenty and members of the DC City Council, I would bet all of you that they paid in 2006, far less taxes percentage wise than did most of the readers of TheMail.


One of the reasons people over at DC Vote and their supporters oppose the NO TAXATION approach versus a VOTE is because, only those who work in the private sector are exempt from federal taxation, but if you work for the federal, state or municipal governments, you still have to pay and those loopholes go away! Also, if you work for any concern that lobbies, services or provides products to any governmental body, you are not exempt nor are your employees.


This means, Mayor Fenty, the City Council and anybody who works with DC Vote and the like whether they are paid for it or not would lose out and not have those federal tax loopholes to lower their tax liabilities to the US Government.


The argument for a VOTE by their supporters is as deceptive and self-serving as corporate America who promotes “right to work laws” because they see the losses they will suffer under unionization.


I would bet that my detractors know little if anything about the structure of the NO TAXATION standing our territories get, who is exempt, who is not and the impact it has had in a favorable way upon the territories like a major move by the pharmaceutical and technology industries to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.


DC Vote will never meet me toe to toe to argue the pros and cons of NO TAXATION versus REPRESENTATION as they know their argument is not designed to benefit all just a select few.


DC Vote’s argument is baseless in that they cannot show any benefits to every man, woman or child that a VOTE would bring that we would not get anyway without that VOTE and have been getting just like any state has for over fifty years.


DC Vote is just like Mayor Fenty; namely, a lot of one line statements but no substance behind it or compelling reason to support them, and their agenda would hurt the middle class and poor but benefit the rich and those seeking more power.

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