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The real power in the District of Columbia is not Mayor Fenty, Council Chairman Vincent Gray or any of the other members of the DC City Council.


The real power is our business leaders big and small, and people like Mayor Fenty down the line are puppets who dare not to do too much to upset the business community or risk being given their walking papers the next election cycle.


Proof that our business leaders are the real power is seen in our elected officials spending a tremendous amount of time cuddling up to our business leaders, looking to them for under the table perks, campaign contributions and more.


So while you and I come to TheMail and other list servers to complain about the short-comings of our leaders, we must never lose sight that no matter how absurd the actions and ideas our elected officials engage in, it may be the result that they are pursuing the wishes of those who paid the tab to get them elected. Thus all the complaining we do may have no impact upon our elected officials especially if what we say goes against what is expected of them by the business leaders who backed them.


As a young man, I watched my father and his business partners Don Higley and Rudy Goulet (Robert Goulet’s brothers) run behind the scenes Mohawk Industries (Bigelow Carpets, Durkan, Karastan, Mohawk and more) as the real owners of the majority of stocks. They wheeled and dealed on Capitol Hill and before many state capitols to the point that almost every federal building in the USA had Bigelow Carpets or Durkan titles, and ditto in a large number of states.


My father always taught me that elected officials are parasites who spend most of their time awake sucking the blood out of those who work for a living, have created a world among their own, have little sympathy for those they claim they represent and sadly, the world they have created forces business leaders to pay them off to get things done and business leaders gladly play the game to get one up on the competition.


The route cause of this corruption that permeates every level of government was created by lawyers.


Lawyers (politicians) create laws to force you and me to use their services and those lawyers holding political positions create laws to enrich themselves by a system that requires that businesses leaders vie for their services, lawfully and otherwise.


No matter what any of us have said or will say here in TheMail yesterday, tomorrow or for years to come, it will have very little impact upon our elected officials as there is no incentive for them to put a stop to a way of life going back 5,000 years in history.


In sum, we can go on and complain but that will not stop our elected leaders from buying those new BMWs, getting free tickets to see our sports teams, being able to walk out of any steak house and not have to pay the tab and so much more as they snicker at what we say and wonder why should they give this up because you and I don’t like it or feel it is unethical or possibly illegal.


The people who flock to TheMail have a conscience. Sadly, our mayor and city council members don’t and until most of us understand that what we are facing is a 5,000 year old tradition that seems to have no end to it, not enough of us will become a force for change.

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