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Council Member Mary M. Cheh while working hard to become one of the most offensive council members in DC history is also a fanatic who believes in Big Brother running every aspect of your life if you study her mind-set on a long string of issues.


Mary Cheh has been on this get healthy kick in some of her proposed bills.


Mary M. Cheh has introduced the Smoking Restriction Amendment Act of 2007 which in a nutshell makes it a criminal act for any smoker to smoke in their car while a child is present.


The penalty for doing such is a meager $100.00 fine, but the fine will be waived if you agree to enroll in a smoking cessation program.


While on its face it all sound fine and dandy, I must ask when Mary Cheh going to seek that it be a criminal act to engage in other acts that shorten one’s life?


This may offend a lot of people but Mary Cheh is a very strong advocate of granting all possible rights to homosexuals while ignoring the fact that while society is willing more and more to respect the right to live and let live, the homosexual life style shortens the life expectancy of its actors by twenty (20 years in the USA and more outside) which is a shortening of life more so than smoking cigarettes. This is a fact well agreed upon by every industrialize nation’s departments of health and human services including our CDC. In other words, those who practice the homosexual life style shorten their lives more so than people who smoke cigarettes.


So when is Mary Cheh going to propose a bill making it a criminal act subject to fines for people who engage in the unhealthy life-style of homosexuality and offer them a homosexual cessation deal?


In sum, we are all grown ups, we chose our life-style whether it is to smoke, down steaks three time a week and increase our risk for colon-rectal cancer, live a homosexual life-style that might shorten our lives, but that is the freedom we should all have, and we do not need Big Momma Mary telling us what we can and cannot do and forcing us to change our life-style in the alternative to paying a fine for doing things she has no right to decide upon.

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