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Local political spin doctors seem to think that we did when we voted for Mary M. Cheh to be our Ward 3 city council member.


The publisher of DC Watch, Gary Imhoff; a local political watch dog publication has sized up Mary M. Cheh when he wrote: “Councilmember Mary Cheh is rapidly shaping up to be the nastiest and most disagreeable council member in DC history!”


Mary M. Cheh throughout the course of her campaign failed to inform voters that:


1. Her campaign was being backed by an illegal political action committee that helped her obtain campaign funding;

2. Her campaign received illegal contributions from PN Hoffman Company in the form of $25,000.00 to $60,000.00 in rent discounts on her 4931 Wisconsin Avenue NW office where she claims to only have paid $500.00 a month for 1,900 sq. ft., of prime office space;

3. That she was in the pocket of developers and a part of the Fenty Plan to sell off land to developers in DC and NY; and

4. That she falsified her filings with the DC Office of Campaign Finance in violation of DC Criminal Code 22-2405 (False Statements) then attempted to amend her filings to cover up what she did by seeking advice from OCF officials how to correct her errors in light of complaints filed against her with OCF, DC Office of Inspector General and the US Department of Justice for


There is no doubt that Mary M. Cheh deceived all of the voters of ward 3 except those in cahoots with her, but on January 3, 2008, a large group of Democrats, Independents and Republicans in Ward 3 will file a Recall Petition and we feel we have the numbers to achieve a recall vote.

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