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In the movie “The Godfather II”, the fictional character Michael Corleone faced with a corrupt U.S. Senator Geary looking to get in on the “power (land) grab offered him nothing when he realized that his intentions were not honorable but just as corrupt as him by saying: “Senator, you can have my answer now. My answer is this, NOTHING and I would appreciate it if you would pay the cost of the license out of your own pocket”. Michael Corleone ended that confrontation with a cute statement: “Senator, we are all a part of the same hypocrisy”.


In the foregoing vein, it seems like voters who contribute to TheMail their feelings about Mayor Fenty, the City Council, School Board and others have come to realize that none of them are being honorable or truthful about their real intentions about wanting control of the DC Public School with some readers suggesting none truly care about the children, some want it to be able to pay back contributors, some want it for personal gain down the road and some want it for their own ego. Yet, none want it for the reasons they are telling us.


Gary Imhoff, I believe stated a while ago that Mayor Fenty never spoke of taking over the schools during his campaign, but his intentions were self-evident early on in his campaign as it was for some of the council members who were heavily backed by developers and individuals who had MILLION$ to profit with Fenty and even Cheh and Thomas who got 90% of their campaign finances from developers and employees with developers.


Our last election was a field day for developers who helped put together the FENTY MACHINE and that machine spread the wealth to other candidates ready and willing to support the FENTY MACHINE.


At this point, I wonder why so many complain here on DC Watch and elsewhere since many of us voted for Fenty and the others all hand picked by Fenty just as Fenty is trying to extend his power by backing candidates in ward 4 and 7 who will be his puppets on the city council.


Sorry people, you made your bed when you voted for Fenty, et. al. and now you will have to sleep in it for four years but then again, when you voted for these jokers, you became a part of the same hypocrisy!

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