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No truer words have ever been spoken than what Gary Imhoff and Dorothy Brizill wrote in this above titled story found in [The Mail 2-7-07] http://www.dcwatch.com/themail/2007/07-02-07.htm but more so as to their description about Councilwoman Mary Cheh whom I have found not only to be nasty but very dishonest and vindictive if you dare to disagree with her.


Yet, Mary M. Cheh is nothing but a puppet of local developers who hand picked her from the field of ward 3 candidates that ran as they saw her as being the right person to do their bidding on the council just as they saw Fenty all in the name of what Gary Imhoff describes as an attempt for massive land grab and budget control.


Luckily, I think that Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh on the road to fill her ego made a string of serious errors which I am now having addressed by the US Attorney, FBI and DC Inspector General. Those mistakes were:


One, Mary Cheh agreed to allow an unregistered and illegal political action committee known in ward 3 as Friends of Joe Sternlieb which was made up of Joe Sternlieb and his wife interim Attorney General Linda J. Singer plus 25 other people to run her campaign committee and solicit contributions; and


Two, Mary Cheh accepted around $25k to $60k in in-kind contributions from a developer PN Hoffman Company in the form of a massive discount in rent on her campaign office at 4921 Wisconsin Avenue, NW where she claims to have paid only $3,000.00 for a six month stay in a beautiful 1,900 sq. ft. office space.


Of course, Mary Cheh and her groupies are attempting at this moment to undo her errors disingenuously, but as the District government and its rampant dishonesty goes; For every friend a council member has inside DC Government, they have an equal number of enemies ready to snitch them out to the good guys like me


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Mary Cheh did. Add to this the madness that Gary and Dorothy have outlined in their criticism of other on the DC City Council and is it any wonder that I scream – CONGRESS, say no to a vote and statehood for DC. It is because I do not want to see a corrupt and nasty DC Government free of its daddy’s rule.


Indeed, Gary and Dorothy are right when they write “Under the chairmanship of Vincent Gray, this is the worst city council

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