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GARDASIL® may in fact be a great drug but my opposition to it being given on a mandatory basis is:


It has not been widely tested as most drugs have been;

It has not been tested on enough people;

It has not been tested long enough before it received FDA approval;

That pharmaceutical companies will rush drugs to market out of the sheer profit of it all;

The FDA has in the past approved far too many drugs, far too soon which had to be pulled because of unforeseen side affects and some even deadly like VIOXX and a long list of others; and

The FDA does not always do its own set of tests but relies on findings done by the pharmaceutical industry and/or local medical schools/labs.


Too often we rush to judgment out of emotion and not out of well thought out processes.


My previous wife Antonetta Cisneros-Rees (Niece of former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros) died at 39 from cervical cancer but her’s was not associated with any seen HPV present.


Usually, most women do not die from cancer of the Cervix but only after it has spread to other parts of the body but usually that spread is to the bladder, liver or lungs.


Between HIV, HPV, Herpes, Hepatitis. C and a few others, it seems like 50% of the American population has been bitten by some STD that will either kill or leave them in an on again/off again discomfort.


As for the jokers who think any preventative matter will encourage sexual activity, that is absurd as people were having sex quietly long before the invention of the condom.


Rick Rosendall of the GLAA pointed out to me this morning that Lesbians have a higher rate of cervical cancer than Heterosexual women. If true, then this is a factor that both Merck and Glaxo-Smith did not give heavy consideration to in their research on various levels. Assuming that these Lesbians did not have relations with men, this would alter the causation factor greatly and demand further studies as to how the transmission HPV took place and other matters.


It is all quiet complex to discuss here but I think it is too soon to require inoculations against HPV as a matter of law.

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