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The Washington Post writes that Linda Singer was not looking for a new job, she said. She was not even looking to practice law anymore.


She was running a nonprofit group in the District, and for years, she had told the state of New York -- where she had been admitted to the bar -- that she was retired from the law, with no intention of practicing again.

The foregoing is a bold face lie.


Linda Singer and her husband Joe Sternlieb created an illegal political action committee called Friends of Joe Sternlieb financed by local developers.


This PAC’s initial goal was to generate campaign funding and votes for Adrian Fenty in Ward 3 and in other areas with predominantly white voters before it turned its eyes on finding a replacement in Ward 3 for Kathy Patterson.


This fairy tale lie Singers tells of being surprised of being offered the job of attorney general over breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel is just that, a lie as this job offer was already in the works over a year ago when she and her husband agreed to create an illegal PAC to back Fenty and so on.


Singer will be a failure as DC Attorney General because of strong opposition to her inside the Office of the Attorney General by attorneys on all levels who feel she is not competent for the job, good people got stepped on in the process and from what some of these attorneys who are my friends tell me, she is arrogant, loud, misguided and is like her boss Adrian Fenty; namely, she is as dumb witted as he.

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