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Jonathan R. Rees – jrrees2006@verizon.net



This week, NBC4 news took up the issue of the job market in Metro DC stating that whereas job growth in the private sector has been growing in Fairfax and Montgomery counties it has been shrinking in DC by the number of jobs and from full-time, permanent to part-time, temporary.


The only job growth in DC has been around jobs created by the US Government not DC Government.


Most private sector jobs in DC are neither full-time nor permanent positions although the opposite is true out in Fairfax and Montgomery counties.


What gains there have been in the District, it has been wiped out by the rapid growth of the cost of living.


Indeed, statistics can be manipulated by whoever is using them.


Yet, the hard facts are: 1. DC’s private sector job growth has been far behind the suburbs; 2. About only 30% of all new jobs in DC last more than one year; 3. That 50% of all new jobs created in DC do not provide workers enough income to meet their basic cost of living needs; 4. That the DC work force is becoming a lot younger where employers are shunning older workers to save money while compromising quality and quantity and 5. That DC is becoming more and more a city of two classes of the haves and the have not’s with the middle class to be found in the more stable suburbia.


In other words, job stability is no longer to be found in the District but out in our suburbs!!!!!


During our last primaries and general elections, we heard very little from the candidates what they are going to do to help create new jobs in DC, create permanent not these short-term and poorly paid jobs nor what they are going to do to put a stop to these out of control rents and even force rents down so as to stop the spiraling decline in real income of workers.


Again, statistics can be manipulated but half of the resident of the District of Columbia are classified as being grossly under-employed and not as able to save as their counter-parts in our suburbs or meet their basic needs.


Of course, our illustrious leaders talk about these very expensive plans to take over our schools and more, but have they stopped for a minute to ask where is the money coming from as Fenty’s plan to take over the schools will cost far more than what our current budget for the DCPS is.


The Fenty’s 100 Days and more plan has never been looked at from the standpoint of the price tag but it will cost DC over $1 billion dollars more than our budget will allow within his four year term forcing him to break his promise not to raise taxes.


Of course, Fenty never looked at the price tag on anything he has proposed nor has our city council as none of them have any business acumens, everything they said on the campaign trail was taken from script cards others wrote and they did not fully understand themselves and the poor voters of DC bought it hook, line and sinker.


DC’s and its weakened workforce cannot afford ADRIAN FENTY or his plan.

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