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The United States of America and its states were at its best when lawyers did not swell the ranks of our executive and legislative branches of government.


When farmers, teachers, doctors, business owners, mathematicians, salesman and others were our elected officials, America saw its best days of industrial growth, social justice/progress and more. Whereas America started its decline, losing ground to Asia and Europe and more when lawyers started seizing control of our political landscape.


Why are lawyers bad for America and the District of Columbia?


Simple, they are ideologues not realists, they are known to be the worse business minds, they have the highest rate of business failure, highest rate of suicide, highest rate of divorce, highest rate of substance abuse and more. So is it any wonder the likes of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and others constantly warned of to be on guard and wary of lawyers?


The corruption among our elected official in DC who are mainly lawyers is routed in what our prophets/God(s) have warned us about; namely, lawyers who will place burdens on our backs that they would not want to carry.


Lawyers have seized control of our government(s) because like the Mafia, in that, they have created a system that affords them some of the highest salaries in the country and they have taken the surplus to create an environment that insures that their power overlaps into every aspect of our lives and gives them the ability to reach that point of control over us.


Shakespeare may have been right when he said in King Henry VI, Part II, (Act IV), Scene 2, “"The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers". While some may argue that Shakespeare’s statement was taken out of content, it was not, but a reflection of the times and how corrupt lawyers were, and how they patronized those in power vs. those who were not and the end results of pain and suffering lawyers inflicted upon the common man.


The arrogance of lawyers is easily reflected in the way they ask to be treated especially when they become elected officials or judges whereby you are asked to kiss their ***** and refer to them as “Your Honor”.


In the District of Columbia to insure fairness, we have allowed for all political parties to be afforded a chance at seeing it members being elected when we created the situation where non-Democrats had a shot at at-large seats on our city council. Maybe we should also ad to that, that a certain number of seats on our city council be guaranteed to non-lawyers.

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