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Madness of God


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Madness of God


Datta is called as Unmatta Datta, which means that Datta is mad. The reason for this is that He gives the absolute divine knowledge from His absolute state, which is the absolute reality. In that state, every thing except Him is relatively real including the souls. In this state He is called as Nirguna Datta, which means that He is in the state of absolute reality without any relative reality. The entire creation including the souls is a relative reality only and is just His imagination or quality or feeling (Guna) only. The guna is a property, which is not independent and depends on its substratum (Guni) only. Such substratum is God or Para Brahman who is far from imagination.


The knowledge radiating from that state is absolute truth, which cannot be digested by human beings who are in the lowest layer called as Maya. Therefore, Datta looks like a mad fellow whose statements are beyond the normal digestion. Shri Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa was going to Panchavati for meditation and was in that top state. A newly married person told Him that his wife is hindering him from participating in the spiritual discussion (Satsanga). Immediately Parama Hamsa told him just to divorce his wife. He was shocked. For the plane of normal human beings such knowledge looks like the statements of a mad person. In fact, the souls are mad of the plane of lower relative reality. For mad people, a wise person is mad relatively.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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