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If you identify the live human form of God, service is generated


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If you identify the live human form of God, service is generated


Brahma indicates knowledge. Vishnu indicates devotion. The dancing Shiva indicates action or service. Lord Datta indicates these three associated together. Hanuman served Rama in His personal matter. Hanuman knows strongly that Rama is God and this knowledge is constantly maintained in His service. His devotion on Rama was in climax in the service. When Sita was not found, He wanted to commit suicide. This shows His love to Rama in the service. You can find knowledge and devotion of Hanuman always in service only as per the Valmiki Ramayana. You can never see Hanuman in debates on God or in singing songs on God. He is always seen in service to Rama throughout the Ramayana and knowledge and devotion always exist in the service simultaneously. All the essence of His knowledge is only in identifying the contemporary human form of God.


All the essence of His devotion is only in serving practically such live human form. Sundara kanda means the beautiful part of Ramayana since it describes the selfless service of Hanuman to the live human form without aspiring any fruit in return. You have to read Sundara kanda to learn this aspect only. But, people read it to get success in selfish works! Hanuman did not accept even a garland for His service at the end. Such selfless service based on the spiritual knowledge learnt from God Sun and devotion learnt from His mother, yielded the topmost fruit of becoming Brahma (God). Such selfless service integrated with knowledge and devotion is the Nishkama Karma yoga of the Gita. Service is work and hence, called as karma yoga. Work is energy and matter (money) is energy. Hence, work and matter are one and the same. Therefore, both sacrifice of work and sacrifice of fruit of work (money) come under karma yoga or seva yoga.


The sages were always busy with knowledge and devotion to God. They did not do any service to Rama practically even though they identified Rama as God. The water and fertilizer without the plant could not get the fruit and they had to take another birth as Gopikas to get salvation. Hanuman got the top most divine fruit in that life itself, since He did not stop with knowledge and devotion. He extended His knowledge and devotion into service. The moment you recognize your child it is Jnana yoga. Immediately, the love is generated and it is Bhakti yoga. Spontaneously, you start serving your child and this is karma yoga, which is Nishkama karma yoga, since you do not aspire any fruit in return. In the case of your child, really no fruit is achieved. But, in the case of God, for the same selfless service, unimaginable fruit is given to Hanuman. Here, the transformation of knowledge into love and into service is spontaneous in the case of your child. But, in the case of God, why the transformation is incomplete? I mean why some stop at knowledge and why some stop at devotion?

The reason is that their knowledge itself is fully wrong in not generating devotion. If the knowledge is partially wrong, devotion is generated but not the service. If you identify God as formless, it is fully wrong knowledge and hence, no devotion is developed. If you identify God in human form, but worship statues of such human form, devotion is generated and not the service. If you identify the live human form of God, service is generated. When you fully identify your child, the knowledge is fully correct and love and service are generated spontaneously. When you have a doubt in the identity of your child, your knowledge is partially correct. Then love is generated, which will not really transform into service. The service always includes correct knowledge and full love. The formless God has no expenditure of your work and money. The statues have partial expenditure like cleaning (sacrifice of work) and repairs (sacrifice of money). The live human form of God has lot of recurring expenditure like feeding everyday etc. The essence of sacrifice is deciding the concept of God. The Advaitin is very clever, who says that he is God and feeding himself everyday is accounted in the recurring expenditure in the account of God. The human form of God (Sadguru) alone can give the fully correct knowledge that transforms into devotion and service spontaneously.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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