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The bliss is inherent of the state of God only


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The bliss is inherent of the state of God only

You must understand that the bliss cannot be obtained through any other way like getting materialistic benefits etc. The bliss is inherent of the state of God only. But you can attain the state of God through the knowledge of the state of God and maintain it by the grace of God. Even Shankara did not forget the necessity of the grace of God to attain even the state of self where the peace is the result instead of the bliss (Eshwaraanugrahaat…). Even for the continuity of peace by self-attainment, the grace of God is necessary. In such case, I need not tell you the necessity of God’s grace to attain the continuity of bliss by attaining the state of God.


In the first case of self-attainment, you may succeed to attain it for a moment by your self-effort, which is simply self-realization. But you will immediately fall from it dragged by Maya so that you can be punished for the regular schedule of sins. Moreover, in this path you are adding special endless sin to your list of sins by not accepting God other than your self.


If you accept and worship God other than your self and proceed in this path of self-attainment, you will maintain the continuity of this state. But once you have accepted God other than your self and worshipped Him, why should you crave for the peace only? Will you pray God just for not giving loss in your business? You will pray for the profit and God will at least protect you from loss. Similarly, if you enter the service of the contemporary human incarnation with the aim of getting the bliss of God, at least you will attain the peace, which may be a relative bliss with respect to misery.


But if you enter the service of God without aspiration for peace or for bliss, you are sure to get the bliss provided your state of selfless service is maintained. Therefore, never approach the Satguru who is the human form of God for attaining the continuous peace by self-realization. The human preachers can give you peace for a moment through self-realization the continuity of peace is again depending on the grace of God only and not on the human preacher.


Since, bliss is obtained only from the divine knowledge given by God, you need not stress on the aspect of bliss separately from the knowledge. God is possessor of divine knowledge and it means naturally that He is the possessor of the bliss also because bliss is a consequence of His divine knowledge only. Therefore, when you identify God through divine knowledge, it means you have identified the possessor of the bliss also. You need not identify God separately through bliss. Some false human incarnations claim themselves as God by simply expressing bliss on their face. Without the divine knowledge, such bliss is not true because when the clue is absent, how can the consequence be present? Of course, he may be a liberated soul enjoying the bliss by the grace of God and in such case he has the clue also. You can get clue from him but as you know the grace of God is required for the success of the clue. The liberated soul will tell this fact also and will guide you to get the grace of God and not his grace. If the liberated soul acts as the human incarnation hiding God, he will loose the bliss immediately. A liberated soul will never do that because for meaningless fame of a Guru, he will not sacrifice such eternal bliss. But the false human incarnation expressing false bliss may trap you, who can also give you the clue known from the divine knowledge. To eliminate such false God, you have to observe the overall spiritual knowledge containing various other aspects with various angles and the special way of His presentation to convince your self. In this point the miracles cannot help you because even a demon can perform the miracles.


Just like bliss, love need not be a separate sign for identifying God because the divine knowledge giving the bliss continuously requires the grace of God, which is the divine love only. A false incarnation without the divine knowledge tries to impress on you by expression of false love. The true love is limited to only giving the divine knowledge to you, which alone can give you eternal bliss.


Therefore, the love and bliss exist in the knowledge itself and there is no separate place for love and bliss apart from the knowledge. The human preachers who are false incarnations show love on you by helping you in getting some temporary worldly benefits, which do not give you real bliss. They give only some temporary apparent and illusory happiness, which is only false bliss, and here the help to you is only false love. The true love is only to give you the true spiritual knowledge, which gives you the real eternal bliss.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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