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The clue to attain the state of God


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The clue to attain the state of God

Every one desires to have bliss. Bliss means very intensive happiness, which exists continuously. Such bliss exists only with God. To get such bliss, you have to attain the state of God. But the main condition to attain the state of God is not to aspire for that state and hence not to aspire for bliss. One has to start in the spiritual path with this fundamental correction. But every one starts with this fundamental mistake of aspiration for bliss. Some start to achieve the state of God with hidden reference to this bliss. In any way both are one and the same since bliss is possible only for the state of God. You have to get the clue from God only to get such bliss. The clue means the special knowledge (Prajnanam).


The clue is not like the industrial secret, which can be obtained somehow, and then disposing the clue-giver forever. Such disposal cannot harm you because the clue is not at the grace of clue-giver. This clue is special because the application of this clue is simply based on the grace of the clue-giver (God). You have to continuously remain in the divine service of God so that the application of the clue is continuously successful. Therefore, the continuity of the application of this clue to get continuous bliss by maintaining yourself continuously in the state of God is purely based on the grace of God.


The grace of God does not end with the handing over of the clue to you. The grace has to continue forever for its continuous successful application. If you are not aiming at this bliss from the beginning and since your aim is only to serve God continuously without aspiring for any fruit including bliss, the point of disposal of God after getting the clue does not arise at all in your case. If you are aiming for the bliss at any time before giving the clue, the clue will not be given by God. Even if you happen to know this clue from some human preachers or from the divine knowledge directly, the clue will not work at all.


Even after getting the clue from God, if your aim turns towards bliss, this clue shall not work from that moment. Even after application of this clue and subsequent attainment of bliss for some time, if your aim turns towards the bliss, the clue stops functioning from that time onwards. I am clearly stressing on this point, which is very important, because the diversion towards bliss is inevitable to human psychology at any time, which is the only possible poision. One should be aware of this point continuously. You have to enjoy the bliss in the state of God, which is granted to you by the grace of God feeling that you are enjoying the bliss since that is the wish of God. By following His wish, God gets pleased. For such pleasure of God only you are enjoying the bliss and at anytime your aim is not the bliss.


For any action (Karma), for any sacrifice (Tyaga) and for any enjoyment (Bhoga) from your side, the basis should be only the wish and pleasure of God. Therefore, if your aim is always to give bliss to God and not to enjoy the bliss, God will be just a mirror reflection of your attitude. Then His aim will not be to enjoy the bliss but to give you the bliss and for the fulfillment of such wish of God, God will not mind to transfer all your sins on to Him and get relieve you from the punishments (if you are unable to enjoy your own punishments in the initial stage. In course of time you may become capable of enjoying the misery in the world and derive bliss from it).


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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