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In the January 24, 2007 edition of “TheMail”, Gary Imhoff writes: If Fenty gets his school takeover plan approved; the next superintendent (with the new title of chancellor) may be Rudy Crew, who passed up the DC job in 2004 to go to Miami. At least, that’s what David Nakamura. speculated in DC Wire But Crew gets a salary of $350,000 in Miami, with a total compensation package approaching $550,000 a year and DC would have to beat that deal. How do you feel about paying over $550,000 a year for a school superintendent? Of course, DC could do like Miami does, and have the salary subsidized by corporations and interest groups, like the ones who are promoting the school takeover plan in the first place. How do you feel about having the superintendent’s salary paid by interest groups, presumably the same ones that will benefit from the takeover? The other rumored superintendent candidate is James Shelton (http://www.newschools.org/portfolio/entrep_jims.html), who is supposedly being promoted by Terry Golden of the Federal City Council”.


First off, I find $350,000.00 a year in itself to be totally outlandish, insulting to tax payers and vulgar to say the least. This is education and a school superintendent we are talking about, and not major league baseball and the buying of star pitcher.


Second, Gary touches on the issue of “special interest” groups subsidizing our superintendent’s salary suggesting that those sinister groups including Federal City Council and others mainly developers subsidize their nefarious and secretive agenda.


Each time I open my email and see THEMAIL, I am afraid of what new madness I will read about and it strengthens my belief that DC Government is out of control, out of touch and why we do not need a vote in Congress, statehood but having Congress take back DC and clean up so that we can get back to the basics of what good government is all about as it is not paying $350,000.00 a year to a school superintendent, $115,000.00 a year to part-time, do nothing council members but providing our children at reasonable costs to taxpayers a good educational system, good healthcare, food on the family table, affordable housing and not coddling illegal aliens who disrespected our laws by coming here or making crooked developers richer which has taken a toll on our children in so many ways.


As the notable singer Billy Joel said in a song: “We Didn’t Start The Fire” but we the people, can put it out by not voting for leaders: E.G. Adrian Fenty, Jack Evans, Mary Cheh and David Catania who were elected by special interest groups who hijacked our electoral process from the voters more so than any of the others.

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