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I am working for hard of late to see how many new lies I can create to get out of a mess that I have been accused of by having had my campaign funded and staffed by an illegal political action committee, having accepted upward of around $25k to $50k in an in-kind contribution from PN Hoffman Co., which I never reported to the DC Office of Campaign Finance, not listing any cost associated with my registered campaign/committee headquarters that was located in Ward 4 although I was running for the Ward 3 council seat and more.


I am sure all my lawyer friends will help me out of this mess if the DC Inspector General or the US Department of Justice attempts to take action against me.


I probably wouldn’t be in this spot if I had not allowed that illegal political action committee Friends of Joe Sternly to harass my political opponents.


I never thought that anybody would actually after the fact, back track all I did and said and make issue of my dishonesty, but as a lawyer in DC; I thought I had a license to cheat and lie.


I am a perfect example of what people hate politicians and why you should never hire a Harvard Lawyer because we are idiots and do not know what we are doing whereby complete nobody’s like Loose Lips of the City Paper exposes how ignorant of the law(s) I should know I do not.


If there is a recall action of my person, then I truly deserve it.

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