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The people over at DC Vote are the biggest bunch of idiots you could ever meet.


With Mayor Fenty accepting Speaker Pelosi’s invite to President Bush’s “State of the Union Address” and snubbing First Lady Bush’, I think it is safe to say that Mayor Fenty isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.


Mayor Fenty knew on the issue of a vote in Congress, that Speaker Pelosi was on his side, but he showed his lack of mayoral qualities by snubbing First Lady Bush. Accepting First Lady Bush’s invite would have been a smarter move.


Be as it may, I’d rather not pay my $14,800 a year in federal taxes than to have a meaningless vote in Congress as that vote won’t put money in my pocket nor make life any better in DC for its residents, but not having to pay federal taxes makes more sense.


BEing exempt from federal taxes would be a super boost to the DC economy but a vote in Congress won't change a thing for the people of DC.


The people over at DC VOte again are idiots and so is it founder Joe "Brain Dead" Sternlieb who created in part DC Vote to line his own pockets and use DC Vote to lie to the people.

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