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As I cruise other message boards like Craig's List and etcetera, I see all too often a lot of political postings attacking Jewish Americans especially Jews in the Metro DC area portraying them as crooks living in DC for the sole purpose of corrupting our leaders, exploiting others for profit and more.


Why this is tolerated is unknown to me short of my concluding that the owners of the message boards are bigots or wish to allow stero-typing.


I can understand that while Jews were heavily behind organized crime in America as pointed out in The Jewish Post of New York, not all Jews are crooks where most of "us" deplore those who are like Ivan Boseky, Jack Abramoff and locally in DC Joe Sternlieb who hid behind businesses that were suppose to help their fellow man but were really designed to enrich themselves like DC Vote and others Joe Sternlieb created so that he can live in a fancy home while those he claims to care about still live in poverty and none of his promises have ever come to pass.


DC Pages is the only message board that has not allowed this stuff to be posted which is good.


I make a point of this because I have been working hard with the US Department of Justice and DC Office of Inspector General to finally established the fact based on hard evidence that Joe Sternlieb is a criminal and needs to be locked away for the good of the people of DC but also to take away another reason for others to hate a class of people based upon the acts of a few.


Before any judge the content of this posting, they need to know far too many facts that only those who care have followed, examined and stated openly based upon hard evidence.


Joe Sternlieb and his wife Linda Singer ( Interim DC Attorney General) created on2006 an illegal political action committee known as Friends of Joe Sternlieb whose goal was to generate funds and votes for Adrian Fenty, and to pick a ward 3 city council candidate who would be at their beck and call. There are numerous witnesses of high credibility that can attest to this fact,


Joe Sternlieb and Friends of Joe Sternlieb helped (now) Councilwoman Mary Cheh obtain illegal, in-kind political contributions which her own OCF filings support were never reported from and given by other Jews in DC whereby his PAC was infected by other Jews out to corrupt the process if anybody takes the time to look at who made up Friends of Joe Sternlieb.


To make a long story short, Joe Sternlieb is the DC version of Jack Abramoff and he needs to go the way of Abramoff; namely, a nice 36 month stay in a federal prison for what he has done and the real brains behind his illegal PAC wife Linda Singer needs to have an adjoining cell.

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