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Guest Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

I'm in. And I'm in to win.


Today I am announcing that I will form an exploratory committee to run for president.


And I want you to join me not just for the campaign but for a conversation about the future of our country -- about the bold but practical changes we need to overcome six years of Bush administration failures.


I am going to take this conversation directly to the people of America, and I'm starting by inviting all of you to join me in a series of web chats over the next few days.


The stakes will be high when America chooses a new president in 2008.


As a senator, I will spend two years doing everything in my power to limit the damage George W. Bush can do. But only a new president will be able to undo Bush's mistakes and restore our hope and optimism.


Only a new president can renew the promise of America -- the idea that if you work hard you can count on the health care, education, and retirement security that you need to raise your family. These are the basic values of America that are under attack from this administration every day.


And only a new president can regain America's position as a respected leader in the world.


I believe that change is coming November 4, 2008. And I am forming my exploratory committee because I believe that together we can bring the leadership that this country needs. I'm going to start this campaign with a national conversation about how we can work to get our country back on track.


This is a big election with some very big questions. How do we bring the war in Iraq to the right end? How can we make sure every American has access to adequate health care? How will we ensure our children inherit a clean environment and energy independence? How can we reduce the deficits that threaten Social Security and Medicare?


No matter where you live, no matter what your political views, I want you to be a part of this important conversation right at the start. So to begin, I'm going to spend the next several days answering your questions in a series of live video web discussions. Starting Monday, January 22, at 7 p.m. EST for three nights in a row, I'll sit down to answer your questions about how we can work together for a better future. And you can participate live at my website. Sign up to join the conversation here.


I grew up in a middle-class family in the middle of America, where I learned that we could overcome every obstacle we face if we work together and stay true to our values.


I have worked on issues critical to our country almost all my life. I've fought for children for more than 30 years. In Arkansas, I pushed for education reform. As First Lady, I helped to expand health care coverage to millions of children and to pass legislation that dramatically increased adoptions. I also traveled to China to affirm that women's rights are human rights.


And in the Senate, I have worked across party lines to get billions more for children's health care, to stop the president's plan to privatize Social Security, and to make sure the victims and heroes of 9/11 and our men and women in uniform receive the fair treatment they deserve. In 2006, I led the successful fight to make Plan B contraception available to women without a prescription.


I have spent a lifetime opening opportunities for tens of millions who are working hard to raise a family: new immigrants, families living in poverty, people who have no health care or face an uncertain retirement.


The promise of America is that all of us will have access to opportunity, and I want to run a 2008 campaign that renews that promise, a campaign built on a lifetime record of results.


I have never been afraid to stand up for what I believe in or to face down the Republican machine. After nearly $70 million spent against my campaigns in New York and two landslide wins, I can say I know how Washington Republicans think, how they operate, and how to beat them.


I need you to be a part of this campaign, and I hope you'll start by joining me in this national conversation.


As we campaign to win the White House, we will make history and remake our future. We can only break barriers if we dare to confront them, and if we have the determined and committed support of others.


This campaign is our moment, our chance to stand up for the principles and values that we cherish; to bring new ideas, energy, and leadership to a uniquely challenging time. It's our chance to say "we can" and "we will."


Let's go to work. America's future is calling us.


Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee

1717 K Street, N.W.

Suite 1001

Washington, D.C. 20036

Phone: 202-263-0180

Fax: 202-263-0181



420 Lexington Avenue

Suite 3030

New York, NY 10170

Phone: 212-213-3717

Fax: 212-213-3041





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Guest inkyblacks

She is not going to get the Democratic Party nomination because her only secure following is with Jewish Zionists who are also Democrats. They will let her win another term as a Senator of New York State, but not the presidential nomination. Hillary Clinton is hated in almost every other state, and has no chance to win black, Southern, or even Midwestern voters in any significant number.

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Joe Biden is making big news today. In an interview with The New York Observer, Biden unloads on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards, offering scathing criticism of all three and their plans for Iraq. Here's Biden on Edwards: "I don’t think John Edwards knows what the heck he is talking about." And here's Biden on Hillary's Iraq plan: "nothing but disaster." To our knowledge, this is the first time in Campaign 2008 that a Dem has directly engaged Clinton, and we have a feeling Clinton's rapid-response operation is going to be on overdrive today. Some excerpts of Biden's assault on the three Dems after the jump.


“Everyone in the world knows her,” he said. “Her husband has used every single legitimate tool in his behalf to lock people in, shut people down. Legitimate. And she can’t break out of 30 percent for a choice for Democrats? Where do you want to be? Do you want to be in a place where 100 percent of the Democrats know you? They’ve looked at you for the last three years. And four out of 10 is the max you can get?”



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Attention has now focused Sen. Hillary Clinton's vote to authorize the use of force ahead of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Presidential rivals such as former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards now say the vote in support was a mistake. But, Sen. Clinton does not consider her vote for support a mistake.


"There are no do-overs in life," Clinton said. She says Congress received bad information going into the vote and that she would have voted differently given what she knows now.


"As a senator from New York, I lived through 9/11 and I am still dealing with the aftereffects," Clinton said. "I may have a slightly different take on this from some of the other people who will be coming through here."


"I do think we are engaged in a war against heartless, ruthless enemies," she said. "If they could come after us again tomorrow they would do so."


Clinton has urged a cap to the number of U.S. troops in Iraq, but has refused to go along with suggestions that Congress use its power of the purse to bring the war to a halt.


"This will be a problem that will be left to the next president," the senator said. "We've got to figure out now, given where we are, how we go forward."

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Guest Mike Duncan

We must prepare for the 2008 presidential election now. Back in 1995 -- 16 months before he was re-elected -- Bill Clinton began spending $85 million on negative ads aimed at the GOP and our eventual presidential nominee, Bob Dole. Hillary wants to follow the same playbook.


Hillary is criss-crossing the country raising tens of millions of dollars from Hollywood elites, Big Labor, and trial lawyers. She's dispatched her husband, the Fundraiser-in-Chief, to headline events and remind liberals of the "Two-for-One" package you get if the Clintons are in the White House.


And you know what that would mean:


The return of Hillary-Care -- the one-size-fits-all health care system Hillary tried to force through in 1993 that would put bureaucrats in Washington in charge of your health care choices instead of your doctor.

Higher taxes for all Americans to pay for her big government plans. As Hillary said earlier this year on the campaign trail, "Fairness doesn't just happen. It requires the right government policies."

The appointment of more liberal judges and the further expansion of the federal government into your daily life.


We cannot allow a return of the big government, high taxes, anything goes style of governing that Hillary Clinton embodies.

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