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In the January 17th, 2007, edition of “TheMail”, readers responded to my suggestion that the US Government should abolish DC Government as we know it for reasons I have stated previously.


Michael Bindner points out that I may not be aware of the previous state of affairs prior to “Home Rule”. While I actually do, I would argue with Mr. Binder that while pre “Home Rule” wasn’t pretty, what we have now is worse.


Scott McLarty suggests that the corruption inside DC Government is routed in a one party rule when he wrote: One way is to end DC’s entrenched one-party rule. Cities dominated by a single political party are notoriously prone to corruption — legal cronyism and bribery as well as the illegal kind. DC is no exception. Consider the consistent willingness of DC’s leading Democratic politicians to let the Federal City Council and other big corporate lobbies call the shots on District policy and development. That’s how we got a convention center and a baseball stadium built on DC taxpayers’ money. It’s why rent control is under constant threat. It explains Mayor Fenty’s antidemocratic scheme, under obvious pressure from the Federal City Council, to ask Congress to strip the school board of its powers.


I would ask Mr. McLarty what makes him feel that allowing other political parties a fair chance of being a part of our local government would curtail the problems of corrupt leaders?


As an immigrant from Sicily, Italy and having grown up in Little Italy (NYC), David Catania (Pisan) as a Republican has historically been hostile to the health care industry but after a failed effort or two to allow suits to be filed against them for alleged gouging and more, Catania knowingly went knocking on the doors of the health care industry like as he did my industry for campaign contributions and favor which I was very upset with when my industry caved in and gave him $15,000.00 as I felt Catania was behaving like a old world Mafiosa in that, if we wanted to be left alone, we will pay the price. This was not a Democrat doing such. I could give a long list of corrupt acts committed by non-Democrats who have sat on our council and the various ANC commissions.


Mr. McLarty, this corruption issue that DC Government officials are constantly engaging in is not limited to a single party but a local mind-set where allowing other political parties to become a part of DC Government would curtail it is a poor argument and not routed in any evidence of such, but the evidence available would defeat your argument.


Talks of Mayor Fenty and others allowing Federal City Council to call the shots, allowing local developers to buy seats on our council, suggestions that Fenty’s real goal in taking over our schools is a hidden agenda to allow land grab when added to a careful examination of Council Member Mary Cheh’s own OCF filings shows that PN Hoffman Company allowed her to rent a upscale office at 4731 Wisconsin Avenue NW which consisted of five rooms, a receptionist lobby and more for $3,000.00 ($500 a month) from July – December 2006 where evidence of this fact I have submitted to the DC Inspector General and the FBI/US DOJ as well as sharing this with Dorothy Brizill and Gary Imhoff would suggest that the corruption and the corruptors has crossed party lines.


This is 2007 and I believe that abolishing “Home Rule” and allowing Congressional rule again over the District for a period of time with intent to re-establish local rule would be the lesser evil, would allow the flushing out of the rats running DC Government and allow us a fresh start at self-rule and maybe.

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