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How often has this happened to you?


You apply for a job in the local newspaper, online listing or elsewhere where it states “immediate hire”, you don’t hear anything for 2-4 weeks, after 2-4 weeks you are finally invited in for an interview and you go.


That “immediate hire” and waiting 2-4 weeks before you even interview has you scratching your head.


You have just entered into the real world of politics of business.


After you finish your interview you ask how soon it will be before they make a decision and you are told a week or two.


A week or two goes by and you hear nothing. Another week or two goes by and you still hear nothing.


Now since the first day you saw that ad, a whole 4-6 weeks has passed by making that “immediate hire” seem like the best lie told.


Finally you decide to pick up the phone to call to see the status of the job but you can’t reach the person in the HR Dept who can answer that question.


Days later you get this letter in the mail that tells you that they decided after all not to fill that position! What the **&^^** you say to yourself.


Well, don’t feel bad.


In the current DC job market, very few employers will hire anyone for at least 4-8 weeks after posting a job, and 1 of every 3 jobs posted and you apply/interview for will in fact never be filled.


What is causing this?


Right, stupid employers whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs.


Many employers in DC are not savvy enough to know when there is a need to create or fill a job and they post job ads without thinking it all out first.


That job that disappeared was the result that the employer came to realize that they can get someone already inside to do the work; hiring a friend of a friend, they really don’t have the money to pay a salary or they don’t know what they are doing.


This problem is worse in DC than in any of the other top 25 cities in America.


This employment problem seems to be worse around political cities like Washington, DC and the capitals of our states.

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