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We often hear that DC has a very vibrant job market but this is proving to be a very deceptive claim.


DC actually has one of the most unstable job markets in the United States with around 36% of all jobs being temporary, part-time and without any benefits with the legal industry being the most unstable industry to work in, in that, the average worker does not last even one year but floats around from law firm to law firm who really only want a temporary work force on a case by case basis. Maybe this is why the likes of Shakespeare, Jesus, Mohammed and even Buddha warned us to beware of the lawyers!


A careful analysis of the DC job market shows that 40% of all jobs listed are done through employment agencies/recruiters; these jobs through such institutions are not permanent nor intended to be.


The only stable jobs in DC are with the government.


NBC News has reported that in the 1950’s we could expect to have only one job in our life-time, in the 1970’s it was raised to 1.5 jobs, but in 2006 that figure was raised to 7 jobs in our life-time.


What is making DC a very volatile job market with little security is people like Mayor Fenty and our DC City Council (mainly greedy lawyers) who have passed plantation style labor laws that allow employers to abuse workers not just in job security, pay but in other rights whereby even our neighboring jurisdictions of Maryland and Virginia offer more job protection and security than does DC.


Amazing, with DC claiming to be this politically correct, liberal and progressive jurisdiction, our labor laws are some of the worse in the United States of America and even worse than those southern states we like to bash for being so backward.


The more we elect lawyers as our mayor and city council members, the worse it actually gets for workers. Things were better when our executive and legislative braches of government saw among its ranks school teachers, farmers, candy store owners, accountants, doctors but things started getting worse in the USA and definitely in DC once lawyers made up 80% of our elected officials.


In DC, there is an assurance that minority parties like Republicans, Green and Independents have a chance of getting elected because of the strong-hold Democrats have. Maybe the US Congress should add to that that only 50% of our elected leaders can be lawyers and others should be allowed in.


The insecurity that may exist with your job was created by the DC City Council and our mayors whose campaigns have been funded by those who want to oppress your dignity and (job) security and until we send lawyers packing and give others a chance, your unemployment check is a lot closer than you think while those who caused this insecurity are collecting a $115,000.00 a year pay check for their part-time efforts.

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