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Ever since I entered into the world of politics, I have found more critics than supporters and I attribute that to the fact that way too many people are out of touch with the reality of their political environment.


Without disclosing names sort to say, I got an email from a gent who works for DC Government at the Reeves Center, and he said, that he had at one time put me on the same plateau as that trouble maker Dorothy Brizill who is everywhere being a pain to everyone but after time, he now feels that he was wrong about Dorothy and understands that her heart is with the people and “I” am starting to appear to be the same.


This same gent added that he voted for Fenty but before Fenty was sworn in, he started believing from all that he was seeing; Fenty is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and his real agenda is not with the average Washingtonian, but he uses that so called caring for all to mask his real agenda to have what he will do benefit the upper crust of DC.


He said what turned him around about my person has been my public crusade to expose Council Member Mary Cheh for fraud on her OCF filings but specifically, he printed out all of her OCF filings and saw that I was right; namely, Cheh claims to have paid only $3,000.00 to PN Hoffman Company in total for that spacious campaign headquarters at the corner of Davenport and Wisconsin Ave for her six month stay there whereby he visited and realized NO WAY – Cheh is not telling the truth behind that low rent nobody else could have gotten unless the landlord was trying to buy favors.


It is an email like the one I speak of that makes me ask what does it really take for people to stop living in a fantasy world, be so gullible to sweet talkers and start seeing our leaders for what they really are or are out to do?


To often here on “TheMail” and elsewhere we debate the smaller issues but lose sight of the bigger picture and are clueless to the underlying reasons why are leaders are doing as they are: E.G. Allegations that Vincent Gray is not really behind Adrian Fenty on the school take over and other nik naks.


This same gent said that he is grateful for people like Dorothy and her husband Gary along with a few others in the city who are not afraid to tell it like it is because without them, DC would be clueless about what is really happening as the local media often knows the truth but refuses to report it because their editors do not want to offend or admit they made a mistake in endorsing said official.


In sum, I wonder how many people out there are grateful for people like Dorothy but have not come forward and said – Thank you Dorothy!

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