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What shocks me most about the people of DC especially among the better educated ones is the fact that they so blindly voted for Adrian Fenty for mayor knowing that he only threw out ideas of things to do, but he never offered up any plan(s) to get them done.


It seems that everyone from Gary Imhoff when he wrote January 3, 2007: (The news from the new city administration begins tomorrow. Yesterday’s private inauguration was just a formality, and today’s public inauguration wasn’t that much more important. Mayor Fenty’s speech (http://www.dcwatch.com/mayor/070103.htm) was a collection of platitudes) to other well known activists and news hounds are now saying the same.


After reading Fenty’s 100 Day Plan, he still fails to offer any substance as to how he will go about getting any of his ideas accomplished despite the nice thirty three (33) page presentation he quickly distributed, I doubt anyone on his staff can answer how nor do I think any of his most loyal supporters could either.


What Fenty has done for the last two years and counting is to tell us what he wants to do but never telling us how he is going to do it, how much it will cost, what impact it will have and more.


Fenty reminds me of a five year old boy in a candy store whose eyes are bigger than his stomach.


I can tell you that the FENTY 100 DAY PLAN will cost DC far more than its budget can stomach, and Fenty will be faced with either raising taxes, cutting out services and/or abolishing government jobs to pay for an estimated $36 billion he will need to do what he has laid out.


Of course, Fenty does not expect people to sit down with a paper and pencil to add up the costs of his 100 Day Plan but it is so unrealistic and unobtainable that economists at GTU, GWU or the Brookings Institution would have a filed day of slapping Fenty around and calling his 100 Day Plan poorly thought out, unrealistic, unobtainable and a result of people who do not know what they are doing, but only good at only throwing out platitudes, deceptions and utter frauds upon the people of DC.


The price we will pay for allowing Fenty to snub his nose at more seasoned people than those he has appointed and hired, where many come with a very short Résumé of experience to do the job they are there for may be our own self-determination as the voters of DC have put our chances of a Congressional vote, Home Rule and even the more distant Statehood on the line because if we start plummeting down because of the actions of the Fenty Administration, I doubt Congress will look favorably upon the District if it has to install another control board knowing that we were not smart enough to chose wisely our leadership.

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