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Convicted fraudster Alan Ralsky has been spamming for many years. He has grown from a small time operator, under the "Additional Benefits" moniker, to one of the bigger spam houses on the Internet with a gang of fellow morally challenged types working with him to pump out every type of sleazy deal and scam offer into millions of internet users' mailboxes.


Ralsky does both mailings and hosting for people who want to spam. Using dial-up accounts that he buys under aliases or leases from large modem dial-up providers like UUNet, Genuity, etc. He sets up a dummy ISP pretending to have "users" that need dial-up access. This serves his purposes well, as complaints are directed from the large providers to this dummy ISP and of course thrown away. Due to the big bandwidth purchase, large networks often close an eye to the spamming so as not to lose the revenue.


Nowadays Ralsky hosts 'offshore' in China to evade US authorities. But the offshore hosts are soon blocked and terminated so he's forced to hop from one Chinese provider to the next like most of the spam gangs. One of his tricks in the USA is to host the websites on the same dial-up connections he uses to spam out of. He then uses an auto-updating DNS server to point to a new IP address whenever one of the dial-ups drops carrier or gets cut off. Behind the times as usual, the companies who provide the connection for his DNS servers state that "our Acceptable Use Policy doesn't cover this... we need to talk to our lawyers, etc. etc.", which gives the Ralsky gang several weeks of use.


Since they've been at this since 1997, Ralsky and gang know just about every spammer trick in the book, hijacking foreign mailservers to hide their tracks and avoid filters, using free websites, fake free websites, obfuscating URL's, encrypting webpages, and always having a backup system for the inevitable time when their current accounts are canceled.


What can be done to stop him or keep him off a system? Double check any signups from the Detroit, Michigan area, his home base (but he's famous for using false information). Check for anyone who just wants to run only a DNS server. Set up a large "clean up fee" for spamming in your contracts - it may be hard to collect, but at least it will give you leverage.


What can you do if you are spammed by Ralsky & gang? If you are in a state that has anti-spamming laws, Ralsky would be easy to sue as he normally breaks several of the conditions current laws specify (faking headers, bad remove address, bogus subjects, etc.) See the link below. You should also complain to anyone providing him service to expedite his termination.


What can you do if Ralsky & gang hijack your email server? Call the police & a lawyer, this is criminal in most of the United States. It is also "theft of services" and there is case law to support it. The problem is, Ralsky is aware of this and now normally hijacks mail servers in other countries making legal action more difficult.


It also seems Ralsky himself has a criminal record, see the ROKSO records entitled "Legal troubles in Michigan" and "Legal troubles in Illinois" AND "Legal troubles in Ohio".

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Here's an idea for spammer Alan Ralsky.


Write Alan Ralsky's address in both the recipient and the return address spots on an envelope.




Put the envelope in a PUBLIC MAILBOX (not your own).


The mail should be delivered to him POSTAGE DUE, as the sender and the recipient are the same, and therefore no place else for it to go but to him.


Alan Murray Ralsky

6747 Minnow Pond Dr,

West Bloomfield,

MI 48322

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