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How corrupt is the DC City Council?


Pretty damn corrupt if we are to believe a report from the Office of the DC Inspector General as it concerns the acts by sitting and former council members as it surrounds their misconduct in getting elected, staying elected and stretching to the fact that they are always under the microscope of the FBI and other federal agencies.


In one report from the Office of the DC Inspector General concerning misconduct over at the DC Board of Elections & Ethics and Office of Campaign Finance as it concerns cover-ups by DC City Council members, the IG Wrote:


For the past year the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has conducted an investigation under the supervision of the U.S. Attorney's Office concerning allegations that executive-level officials of the District of Columbia Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) and the Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE) have used their positions improperly to enrich themselves at the expense of District of Columbia taxpayers. In addition, my Office has conducted an inquiry into claims that a pattern exists of selective enforcement of campaign finance laws by OCF in order to shield certain elected officials from potential sanctions or embarrassment as a result of public disclosure of violations. Other allegations include the failure and/or refusal by OCF management to notify agencies with appropriate jurisdiction when OCF auditors found evidence of criminal violations, Hatch Act violations, and the failure to report income which is subject to federal and D.C. income taxes. This letter is intended to provide an overview of our investigative efforts and to inform you of the resistance and political pressure from certain D.C. council members that we have experienced in conducting our inquiry.

Add to the foregoing the controversy brewing over Council Member Mary Cheh who was helped by an illegal political action committee to get elect, and illegal political (in-kind) contributions by PN Hoffman Company and etcetera, and it goes to show that none are to be trusted.



Yet, may we never forget that "The Witch Set Him Up" Marion Barry or Dump Skinner, the drug dealing racist who was always by Mayor Fenty's side and is it any wonder why 68% of the voters see DC Governemt as a joke and don't waste their time voting, the FBI is looming with under-cover agents and paid snitches or why everybody outside of DC thinks we are the most corrupt city in America.

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