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Mary Cheh has early on proven to be more crooked than Marion Barry in that she allowed her political campaign to be run by an illegal political action committee headed up by Linda Singer (AG nominee) and her husband Joe Sternlieb; She lied throughout her filings with the DC OCF especially lied to them that she was only paying $500.00 a month rent on a 1400 to 1800 sq ft office space in the luxurious, upscale Tenleytown area of DC according to her own filings with the DC Office of Campaign Finance; and she thought that nobody would question this lie on her part and failure to disclose the 80% discount she got on the rental space from PN Hoffman & Company who should be criminally charged and prosecuted for knowingly and willfully violating the DC Campaign Finance Laws.




The illegal “Political Action Committee” known as Friends of Joe Sternlieb started by Joe Sternlieb and wife Linda Singer ( DC Attorney General nominee) obtained most of the political contribution for Mary Cheh for City Council, Ward 3.


Sternlieb was backed financially at the outset by EastBanc and other developers in search of a pro-developer candidate and where Sternlieb is VP of Acquisitions. With the help of PN Hoffman who allowed Cheh to rent a $6,000.00 a month space for $1,500.00 at an upscale real-estate location along Wisconsin Avenue NW in Tenleytown based upon her campaign finance filings; Cheh did not list the differential as an in-kind contribution of $4,500.00 a month from PN Hoffman. (You can't even get a small one bedroom apartment in ward 3 for $1,500.00 a month)!


The Office of the U.S. Attorney/FBI, DC Inspector General and DC Office of Campaign Finance would have no trouble in establishing the existence of the Sternlieb-Singer illegal PAC, the unreported in-kind contributions made by developers (PN Hoffman) to Cheh for City Council and more as it would all fall in their laps easily.


The Sternlieb-Singer, Eastbanc, PN Hoffman & Cheh connection turned the ward 3 city council race into one of the most corrupt political races in DC history, gave Cheh an illegal and unfair advantage over all her eight rivals and has made a mockery of our democratic process as well as show how special interest groups hijack elections out of the hands of voters.

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